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MouseClip allows you to alter the currently active mouse clipping area (the region of the screen the mouse cursor is allowed to be in).
This can come in quite useful when you have multiple monitors connected to your screen and you have a game which doesn't capture the mouse properly allowing you to move your mouse to the second monitor (which can result in a minimized game), or if you have a projector hooked up as an extension to your desktop and Windows doesn't detect it is switched off, MouseClip can prevent you from losing you mouse cursor on the phantom monitor.

Whilst MouseClip is active (can be toggled from the menu) it watches the state of your scroll lock key and by default it will lock the mouse cursor to your specified area, turning scroll lock off will restore the original clipping area.


MenuActive: When checked MouseClip will start monitoring the state of Scroll lock and will start clipping the mouse according to the currently active settings.

Presets: This sub menu will display a list of available presets. Clicking Default will load your default clipping settings (see below for more information on this). Each user created preset has a further sub menu allowing you to load or delete each one.

Settings: Shows or hides the main settings window, double clicking the tray icon has the same effect.

Help: Opens this page.

Exit: Exits the program.

Settings Window

Settings Window 1: These text boxes control the clipping area to be applied to your mouse cursor.
This is the X coordinate marking the top left corner of the mouse cursor to, this is the number of pixels across the screen from the left hand side.
This is the Y coordinate marking the top left corner of the area to clip the mouse cursor to, this is the number of pixels down the screen from the top.
This is the width of the clipping area in pixels.
This is the height of the clipping area in pixels.
The current mouse coordinates are displayed in the windows title bar in the form of (X,Y).
For example if I wanted to restrict the mouse to my primary monitor which has a resolution of 1280 by 1024 and in Windows is positioned to the left of my secondary, I would use these settings:

X = 0, Y = 0, Width = 1280, Height = 1024

2: This button lets you set the area by holding down the left mouse button at the top left corner of an area and dragging to the bottom right corner and letting go.

To use it, click the button (it should become greyed out and change to say "Selecting.."), move your mouse to the top left corner of the area you want to restrict to (for example the top left corner of a windowed game) and press and hold the left mouse button. Whilst still holding the button down move the mouse to the bottom right corner of the area and release the mouse button, the text boxes should automatically be filled in.

3: This dropdown and button allow you to set the area to match one of your monitors (the numbers should match the number Windows has assigned your monitor). To use select the monitor from the dropdown and press Set.

4: By default MouseClip will only clip the mouse when scroll lock is turned on ticking this will invert that so it will only clip whilst scroll lock is turned off.

5: This allows you to save the above settings into a preset to allow quick changes between clipping areas. Simply enter a name in the textbox and click Save Preset. Presets can be accessed from the presets sub menu.

6: If this is checked then MouseClip will start in the active state and be monitoring scroll lock straight away using the default settings.

7: If this is checked then MouseClip will start when the current user logs into Windows.

8: This will save all the above settings as the defaults to be used on start up, or when Default is selected from the presets sub menu. This does not save the "Start with Windows" option.

9: Displays this page.

10: Closes the settings window leaving the program running in the tray.