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MouseClip allows you to alter the currently active mouse clipping area (the region of the screen the mouse cursor is allowed to be in).
This can come in quite useful when you have multiple monitors connected to your screen and you have a game which doesn't capture the mouse properly allowing you to move your mouse to the second monitor (which can result in a minimized game), or if you have a projector hooked up as an extension to your desktop and Windows doesn't detect it is switched off, MouseClip can prevent you from losing you mouse cursor on the phantom monitor.

Whilst MouseClip is active (can be toggled from the menu) it watches the state of your scroll lock key and by default it will lock the mouse cursor to your specified area, turning scroll lock off will restore the original clipping area.


There are 2 downloads available, a Windows installer and a portable version.
The portable version will store its config and presets in the same folder as the executable, if you remove the presets folder it will store the presets in the same location as the installer version (your Application Data folder) you can also do the same with config.cfg, you can of course do the opposite with the installer version by creating or copying a Presets folder/config.cfg in/into the directory with the executable.

InstallerDownload (558KB)Mirror
PortableDownload (322KB)Mirror


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